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When our clients want to start a home improvement project, most of them are not sure where to start and what to do. There can be many ideas or concepts, so it makes sense to sort these ideas into 2 or 3 options. When it comes to selecting one, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of each option. But before all this, it’s crucial to clearly state what your goal is, and WHY you want to remodel your kitchen. This starts by asking yourself what you stand to gain, and what benefits you’d like to see from a kitchen remodel. Well, you’ve come to the right place. There are an endless number of reasons to revamp your kitchen. We put together some of the most popular ones below, and some other information to consider before starting your project.

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Upgrade Your Lifestyle

The next pro of remodeling your kitchen is that you will essentially be getting a brand-new kitchen. This custom kitchen matches your exact cooking & entertaining needs while displaying some of your personality and preferences through its design elements. After all, where you cook and eat your food has a huge reflection on who you are. Not only this, but most homeowners spend A LOT of time in their kitchen; this is equivalent to 50% of the time they are awake and in their homes! So getting a new kitchen is one of THE single most important factors in upgrading your lifestyle. Every morning when you wake up and every evening when you come home, stepping into your new kitchen will uplift you. Many of our clients have told us that this positive mental boost has inspired them to cook more, eat healthier, and even lose weight!

Increase Home Value

Benefits of Kitchen Remodeling in Atlanta

The most obvious and quantifiable benefit to having your kitchen remodeled is that it increases your home’s value & equity. When we look at home improvement & renovations, an updated kitchen ranks the highest in terms of ROI (return-on-investment). Not only that, but it is estimated that in 55% of full kitchen renovations, the increase in home value is higher than the cost of the project. This delivers the best bang for your buck when it becomes time to resell it. So if you are debating between what renovation project you would like to take on first, your kitchen is the right place to start! Truthfully, everything depends on the quality of the renovation as a whole. If an improvement project is done poorly with unskilled labor and cheap materials, this will always lead to additional problems in the future. 

These problems often come with additional costs, ultimately becoming more expensive than if the project was done correctly the first time. In some worse cases, this may even reduce the value of your home. It is therefore crucial to select the right team and contractor to get the job done. With over 15+ years of experience building custom kitchens, Atlanta Kitchen Remodel Co. is qualified to make your culinary vision come to life.

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A Sense of Pride & Ownership

Something else homeowners don’t always consider is their own involvement in the project. This is a time where the whole family can Get Excited, Be Creative and Have Fun.

Of course you can always do some of the physical labor yourself and save some costs. You can take pride in your work, and ownership in the project. However this is not recommended if you do not possess the appropriate skills and experience. Most times, it is best to leave it to the professionals to ensure a high standard of quality is maintained to ensure that your investment will be protected in the long-term.

Certainly, if taking pride “in doing it yourself” is something you’d like, there are always ways to get involved with the project. At Atlanta Kitchen Remodel Co, we love when our clients participate! We are happy to leave the smaller jobs like painting for you to complete. Consulting on the design of the kitchen or selecting the materials & finishes is also a great way to make sure your vision comes to fruition just the way you imagined it!


Save Time

On a practical level, an updated kitchen will save you time. Every. Single. Day. With modern appliances, cook times can be dramatically reduced. Furthermore, efficiently designed workspaces and optimized storage will make reaching for everyday-use times much faster and convenient.




Trust The Kitchen Remodel Experts

If you don’t have the time or the ability required to renovate your own kitchen, you can hire experts like us to do it for you. You get to decide on your budget, materials & design and leave the rest to us to make your dream come true.  Whether you decide to do a full kitchen remodel by doing a full sweep on the counters, cabinets, sinks, appliances, flooring tiles, backsplash, and wall paint, or just upgrade your countertops & cabinets, you’ll get to experience the thrill and the long-term benefits of a quality, custom kitchen remodel. As a homeowner, you have total control over the scope of the project, how much you want to spend, and what you want to get done. Maybe you need to do a bit of repair work. Or possibly you’d like to update specific areas of your kitchen. You could do a quick redesign of just a part of your kitchen. Or if you would like a full makeover, you’ll likely want to redesign & remodel your entire kitchen; the decision is yours to make. No matter the specifications of your project, we are here to make it happen.

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Impress Your Guests

A new kitchen comes with many secondary benefits. Certainly you will come to loving & enjoying your home much more. Of course this matters for you, but take a moment to think about how your guests will react – Everyone who saw your kitchen before will get to relive the same WOW experience you’ll get when you see your new kitchen for the first time.

Nowadays, when guests visit, they spend 60% – 80% of their time in the kitchen. It’s a very social place where everyone gathers. Why would you not want to improve the quality of the most used space in the house!?

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